My spotting pictures part 7

Hi there IF community,
Today I want to show you my latest edited spotting pictures.
All pictures are either edited in Photoshop or Lightroom!
I hope it isn’t too much ;)

Gear: Canon 500D; Tamron 70-300mm SP

Feedback and comments are also appreciated ;)
I hope everyone likes this and please tell me if you would like to have more of these posts,
Kind regards,
Lorenzo Schaaf
@ljspotter on Instagram

Now my spotting pics from my summer vacations in Mexico (MMMX/MEX)

A321 Neo Interjet

B767 Lets see if anyone can guess this airline ;)

B737-3 Magnicharters

B737 Mexican Government

Casa 252 Mexican Marine

B787-8 ANA

Here my most recent spotting pics taken with @Moritz at Munich (EDDM/MUC)

B777 Kuwait Airways

A350 Lufthansa

B757 Icelandair “100 Years Icelandic Independence” special colours

B777 Thai Airways

Thanks for scrolling through my pics! I hope you guys like em!


Nice pics!!! Is that 767 LATAM?

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Correct! Nice aircraft. Thx man!

No problem, and wow!!! I guessed it right!!

Really cool pictures! The closeup of that Lufthansa A350 has to be one of my all time favorite A350 photos, Great Work!


Really appreciate it! Took me some time to figure out how I wanted to edit and it seems like it worked out perfectly

OMG that A350 wingtip closeup looks so good i love the editing you have done to them.

Not too much, just perfect! 👌👌👌

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Wow nice pics ,love that ANA787.

@BennyBoythank you man! Glad that you liked the pic and editing! @Pilot_urp thanks, it was my last aircraft and luckily the light was good at that time

Great shots @Lolo31R! Really enjoied all these pictures! Keeo up the great work!

Mexican government jet is such a beauty and that A350 wingtip…amazing!

You are all so lucky you live near major airports, I’m in a depressing small town with only regional flights 😂

@Luke_Sta thank! Really appreciate it! @Slay its a sleek livery. I do prefer the 787 government aircraft. @Jeffrey_Varga I also like smaller airports. At the end you can sometimes take better pictures, new angles and other interesting stuff than in major airports as the security is better.

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