My spotting pictures part 6

Hi there IF community,
Today I want to show you my latest edited spotting pictures.
All pictures are either edited in Photoshop or Lightroom!
I hope it isn’t too much ;)

Gear: Canon 500D; Tamron 70-300mm SP

Feedback and comments are also appreciated ;)
I hope everyone likes this and please tell me if you would like to have more of these posts,
Kind regards,
Lorenzo Schaaf
@ljspotter on Instagram

Some TXL shots now

B737M Icelandair

CS100 Swiss

ERJ-190 British Airways

A330 Turkish Airlines

A320 Easy Jet

Lets go to MUC for some pictures from my spotting sesh with @Moritz

A320 Saudia Airlines

A350 Lufthansa

A340 Lufthansa

A320 Aer Lingus

Now to end lets travel to london for some LHR shots!

Who can guess which aircraft this is

B777 Egyptair

B777 Air Canada

Dash-8 FlyBe

A320 British Airways


Great photos! Is that a Qatar 77W?

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Nice pics 👍🏼 Wonder what Dush will say 🤔


@77W thanks! and yes you guessed it right…but wasn’t very hard either lol ! @Moritz thanks man! Idk…we will have to wait

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Nice pics - favorite one is the Saudi Airlines one. Nice angle.

Scrolling through kinda quick I for a second thought that the EasyJrt was a 73 :p That confused me!

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@77W the W just stands for -300ER right? Or am I wrong…

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Amazing pictures! That Swiss CS100 though! Wow

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Ha. I see that now. Very confusing if you didn’t see it.

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My flag is at the ready. 🏳️

Brilliant pics as always :)


Yes, that’s right.

Brilliant shots, Lorenzo!


These are insane! The editing is sublime.

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Omg there are soo beautiful men <3

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That SWISS CS100 is beautiful! Beautiful aircraft, beautiful photos, and great editing. Wish I were that good

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@KPIT yes 77W means 777-300ER and 773 is a 777-300.


Lovely photos, especially the BA A319. That IcelandAir livery just looks so out of place on a 737. Was the same when they added the 767 to their fleet.

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Awesome pictures…hope to see some more! Loved the Turkish a330.


thanks @Altaria55… I kinda played with the image while editing :)

@BigBert10 thanks man… this picture was taken from the observation deck of TXL, here you can get some nice angles like this ;)

@BobbyRobert It all comes with some practice! If you´d like me to give you some help guys…just PM me ;)

Also huge thank you to @Cbro4 @Aviationluver @Fabi_Join @Freddiefrogs

Every once in a while I do some compilations @TheCoolPilot


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