My Spotting pictures part 4

Hi there IF community,
Today I want to show you my latest edited spotting pictures. Today I´ll mostly show you pictures from my trip to London I had last week. This time I really apologize for the quality, as my laptop is exporting the images with a worse quality than it should There will probably be more topics in the future with london pics, gott edit em first. @MishaCamp are these good london spotting pics?

All pictures are either edited in Photoshop or Lightroom!

Gear: Canon 500D; Tamron 70-300mm SP

Feedback and comments are also appreciated ;)
I hope everyone likes this and please tell me if you would like to have more of these posts,
Kind regards,
Lorenzo Schaaf
@ljspotter on Instagram

Virgin Atlantic B747

American Airlines B777 no lenses were harmed in the production of this image hahah

Air India B787

Air Malta A320

United Airlines B787

Turkish Airlines B777


I love the one with the lense😂 looks so cool! Great idea

Your photos are as professional as usual they look so cool!


hahaha thank you! took some time to do that one! Thank you for your feedback! ;)

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Fantastic photos, well done!

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thanks marty! Really appreciate it

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Nice. The best in my opinion is the Air Malta A320 with that weird special livery :)

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i also like that livery. Was a very exiting catch as i had never seen that airline before and neither did i knew that there was a livery like that ;)

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Woah, amazing pics. Can’t decide whether I like the VA or the Valetta one better.

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How did you get that lens picture without getting dust or anything in that lense or did you photoshop that in? Anyway love these pictures these are amazing!


Stunninf pictures as always. Keep it up!


Awesome Photos! I Love Them!

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Thanks @BluePanda900 @bobo2345 @Etrain @Kamryn

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Wow !! The best spotting pictures ive ever seen 😍😍OMG really loves it. Crisp+clear pictures

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They look so cool, what airports where they at?

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Nice pics :) let’s wait for @dush19 to appear on this thread 👀


My favourite, hands down. That was an amazing angle, spectacular focus and great editing ;) Good job on all of ‘em.


Why do you need to appreciate yourself Mortiz


amazing photos…


They were made at LGW and LHR!

Wow. I am breathless at how amazing these photos are. I think you are a professional photographer who is undercover or something.

@MishaCamp you have some fierce competition now.