My Spotting pictures part 3

Hi there IF community,
Today I want to show you my latest edited spotting pictures. From now on I will try not to do topics based on one location but share multiple pics from different places to make it more interesting ;)

All pictures are either edited in Photoshop or Lightroom!

Gear: Canon 500D; Tamron 70-300mm SP

Feedback and comments are also appreciated ;)
I hope everyone likes this and please tell me if you would like to have more of these posts,
Kind regards,
Lorenzo Schaaf
@ljspotter on Instagram

agusta bell ab 212

Eurocpoter 120B Colibri

Air Canada Rogue B767

AN12BK Sorry for the bad quality of the madrid pictures, light was constantly changing


Swiss A320


That 737Max is lovely, really nice aircraft

The photo of the eurocopter is awesome!

Also love how the pilot gave you a thumbs up in one of the photos ;)


It is nice, but I cant judge it until I really fly on it ;)

The Eurocopter pic was hard to do as it was taken in backlight conditions and it was flying around almost above us so it was hard to take a snap of it ;)

I am always very happy if a pilot waves or gives me or other spotters a thumbs up ;)
Thank you for your comment :)

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The second picture is amazing!!! Looks like something out of WWII!

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i tried to desaturate that picture and it turned out good i think!

Would be amazing to see the B767 Air Canada Rouge livery in IF.

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It would be pretty nice, yeah!

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Awesome and funny captain lol

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Nice, bit weird though, as I was looking at your Antonov 12 pic, that EXACT aircraft from the picture was flying above my house. Soooo noisy
Quite a regular flight over my area

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What in the world is going on with that EuroCopter 120B Colibri?

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Yeah lol they can be pretty nice sometimes haha

It’s going acrobatic flying hahaha taken at an airshow here in madrid

I’m so in love with those shots! I really need PS and Lightroom.

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Hi, where abouts what that photo of the antonov taken, and was it recently taken, because that aircraft and it’s sister aircraft have flown over my house now, from the same place, twenty minutes apart. Quite hard to sleep with all their racket!

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Thank you a lot! Yeah, LR and PS are pretty awesome 😎

The pic was taken in Madrid but I can’t remember when I took it. Must have been some weeks ago

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Wow man! Amazing shots!

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Thanks @Lalo_Marlin your shots are awesome too!

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Thank you very much :)

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