My spotting pictures of the last months part 2


Hello IF community,
Today I am continuing my last post My spotting pictures of the last months and will try to show you the rest of my spotting pictures including some of my MUC spotting session I had with @Moritz as this was tied up with the compilation. Probably you will mostly see pictures of Madrid (LEMD), München (EDDM), Mallorca (LEPA) and some of the madrid air show in cuatro vientos (LECU/LEVS).

All pictures are either edited in Photoshop or Lightroom!

Feedback and comments are also appreciated ;)
I hope everyone likes this and please tell me if you would like to have more of these posts,
Kind regards,
Lorenzo Schaaf

Air Europa 787 (EC-MMY) One of my favorite shot I´ve ever done (my opinion)

VW Air Services Dassault Falcon 7x (D-AGBE)

EasyJet A320 (HB-JZZ)

British Airways 777 @Cameron was in this plane shhh (no stalking intended)

Lufthansa A340

Icelandair 757

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIRE)

United 777

Lufthansa A321 (D-AIRW) This will be the only TXL pic of this thread

Eurocopter 120B colibri

Aspa squadron Eurocpoters

Auster D-4

Thomas Cook A320 (LY-VEI)

Helvetic Airways E190

I hope you liked my spotting pictures. Feedback and discussions of any of these images are more than welcome ;)


My spotting pictures of the last months

Love that UA 777! Nice pics ;P


Camera used?!?! They are beautiful!


You’ve definitely set the bar high for the #real-world-aviation:spotting category, Lorenzo. Amazing photos as usual.

I especially loved the livery on that Dassault Falcon 7X!


It’s a pretty impressive aircraft seen from this close! Sadly they didn’t wave back ;(
Thank you for your comment!



I own the canon 500D camera. This in combination with a 70-300mm Tamron lens.

I appreciate your comment!



Well the Dassault falcon 7x is owned by VW Air services. I guess it belongs to the car company.

Thank you a lot for you comment! I never thought my spotting pictures would get such a positive response in the community! Really appreciate it.



Did you feel the general mood in the airport drop as the 777 touched down? Haha, nice pics 😊


Thank you for your nice comment about my post!



@Nathan I did some research and this aircraft actually belongs to Lion Air Services, a Caiman Island based airline that also operates in Braunschweig (Germany), that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen AG. It operates non-commercial corporate flights exclusively for the VW-Volkwagen group of companies.

This is a mashup of various sources: VW Air Services --> Source: Routes Online
VW Air Services --> Source: Wikiwand
VW Air Services --> Source: Wikipedia (German wiki)



Beautiful Pictures! I enjoyed them.


Thank you very much! It really took me some time to edit these raw images. It’s always nice to hear that it paid off. Maybe you could tell me which one is your favorite?



I really like the EasyJet 320!

EDIT: Also really like the Lufthansa 321!


Oh nice! I wasn’t convinced with the EasyJet pic as it has objects underneath the aircraft so I thought it could do some problems there ;) btw which A321 did you like the most? The star alliance livery or the normal one?



I forgot to mention that I also upload my spotting picture to Airplane-Pictures . Also you can check me on instagram as @ljspotter .



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