My spotting at Indianapolis International!

Here are some pics I took at IND today! All feedback is appreciated! IMG_2199IMG_2450IMG_2754IMG_2202IMG_2200IMG_2750IMG_2447IMG_2440IMG_2758IMG_2449


Nice pics! I didn’t know DL operated the 757 there! Where do they fly it?

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If you’re around on October 6th, come spot me flying out to ATL. MD88, DL1408.

Nice pics. :)


Nice pics, I like the A310


Nice picture , nice photo shoot:)


Wow! You have some good Photography skills there :) I Love the FedEx DC-10 landing! There are also Two (2) Allegiant Air 757’s in service! Lucky to have caught one before they retire by the end of 2017!


Great job! Is that a FedEx DC 10? They only have 30 ish DC 10s left. Nice shot!


Awesome pictures! Especially the FedEx MD-11F shot!

Keep up the great work! 😊✈

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A300 Cargo is still in service!?

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Great photo! I love how you can see the tire smoke as that plane touches down

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Yes! The a310 is as well but they are much more rare. What is the Republic Airlines Embraer? Does it operate for a bigger airline (ex: United Express) or does Republic also offer flights only under their name?

FedEx MD10 is my fav!

Republic Airways Operates flights for All three Major carriers (American, Delta, United) Under their regional brands (American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express). It’s rare to see a Republic Airways E170/175 in their livery!

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Does it operate for one of the main carriers and it is just like a special livery?

Send me a PM @Will_Haxton for more information, we don’t want to go Off Topic :)

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FedEx operates a DC-10 and 777F! And KPRB (my airport) can barley handle a C-17 that landed for a test for operations that never even started!

Its not an A310, its an A300.
Love the photos!

Alright, let me give you some of my tips for each picture.

Allegiant 757-200: The photo has great lighting! The only thing you need to fix is the crop and some contrast.
Republic E175: It seems a bit over exposed. Try using AV mode with ISO 100 and F9. Crop would also help. Great composition, however.
Fedex DC10: Great composition! Love that smoke! However, it seems a bit backlit. If there is another spot where you could get that angle on the other side, that would be your best bet.
Delta 757-200: Nothing I can say is wrong with that one! Maybe a tiny bit over exposed, and the aileron was cut off but thats minor.
Delta MD88 (second shot): It looks a little under contrasted and grainy. Easy fix in LightRoom.
Frontier A319: Overexposed and bad crop, Easy fix though ;)
DL 175: Just minor crop adjustments needed. Good picture.
Fedex A300: Backlit. Try and aviod those pictures.
American A319: Just fix the crop a little, great picture!

If you need any advice, be sure to check my photography guide.

Great pictures! Can’t wait to see more!

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Thanks so much for that info! Really helps me be a great spotter!


They fly it from Atlanta ever so often :)