My speed is still rising!

Hi pilots!

I have big issue right now and need immediate solution. I’m flying RJAA-OMDB, and my speed is still rising. Altitude is 41000 and speed now 658kts. Minimap shows strong winds, but not in my direction. I turned off engines as well. Even so, speed is still rising. That’s not usual. I don’t want to restart the game, because flight plan took me almost 2 hours. In settings isn’t anything what could solve this problem. I’d be happy for every feedback :)


What airspeed are you at?
Lower your altitude and deploy spoilers? Sounds like wind to me though…

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Spoilers any help? Flight mode…

Well he said he turned the engines off and the speed was still increasing after that. Sound like a bug to me. However there isn’t much of evidence to help us determining what the problem is, a screenshot would be very helpful.


The Japan region is known for it’s strong winds of almost 250 knots which are quite normal. Could you take a screenshot? It would help alot.

LiveFlight track link? Perhaps someone can fly same location and try…

Oh god, how could I forget spoilers? Now, my speed is reducing, very slowly, but does. Not sure if it goes onto 0.83. Standby please

Where are you and at what server?

I’m on Causal server, between Hiroshima and South Korea.

But as others said, screenshot would be helpful.

525 knots GS is perfectly normal at FL410 as long as your not overspeeding on IAS.

Yes, I think that 522 is good as well, but it still shows me huge overspeeding, and if I want to, speed doesn’t reduce.

Hmm, this is weird…; To have a 0 degree pitch at FL410 and your speed barely dropping with engines off and spoilers on. This seems like a bug to me.

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I’m the F-16 heading your way… but you probably need to descend.

Is it normal for the Mach on HUD to be different from Mach on AP?

Won’t descending further increase the IAS?

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No. This is an issue… but i think it’s because the A380 is old as hell.


Mach for AP is what he want plane’s speed to be at, but HUD is showing that the plane is flying faster than what he want. Well he’s going supersonic in airliner with turned off engines at level flight.

Any progress? Still high speed?

Hmmm. Looks like I’ll have to restart game :(. Is there any way to copy my own FPL?