My speed is crazy...

When I am with the brakes on it shows that my speed is… 20 knots!! It does not affect me very much but I’d like to know how to solve this problem. Thanks very much!

Look at the winds… it’s not a problem. The wind + your ground speed determines your airspeed on the ground.

Do you have any wind set?

Not a problem, it’s just you’re facing a 20 knots headwind so your speed relative to the air is 20 knots

Your GS(speed relative to the ground) is 0

Check this tutorial out:


Read my own and Matthews reply. There’s your answer. Nothing is wrong :)


That’s your airspeed. You can change the info that shows up along the bottom. I have mine set so that it shows my ground speed so I know how fast I’m taxing without having to account for wind.

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