My speed brake doesn't work

As shown in the picture, my spoiler doesn’t work, when I put it in “Flight” mode, it moves a little bit, it works fine, but when I put it in “ARMED” mode, it doesn’t move at all, all planes do that, what should I do?

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Armed is only in relation to the ground spoilers they will only deploy once you land they will not deploy in flight

I just use it on the ground

My system is Android. Game version is 22.5

Yes if you have the spoilers armed in flight and land on the runway they will deploy once your main wheels touchdown

So it only works when you land on the runway?

For me they only stick up on flight, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal since flight is different from being on the ground

Flight- Spoiler deploy
Armed- Spoilers automatically deploy once wheels touch the ground on landing.


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