My sound isn’t working

I have my volume alway up and have ringer on on my iPad and I ain’t getting any sound? I am flying a A350 to Munich.

Are your audio settings to max?

Has it been like this the whole flight so far? Sometimes a FaceTime or phone call received on a device cuts the audio out. Have you received any calls on your device during your session?

No FaceTime or call goin on

Yup it is!

If you slide down from the right, is the moon symbol (do not disturb) or the bell icon illuminated?

This happens to me sometimes. Double click the home button and go to the app switcher. Go back to IF. It should work. If that doesn’t work, go to the Control Center, then go hack to IF.

If it doesn’t, this is a different issue.

Have you ensured audio is turned up in the IF settings?

If your using headphones, there’s an issue with Apple headphones Working with devices when they get nudged even the slightest bit. If your using the headphone jack ensure your headphones all the way in. Still doesn’t explain why sound isn’t working but also go to the drop down and enable this:

That’s al I can think of at the moment. Just issues I had in the past. That bell is silent mode.

Do you have these on?

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it might also be that your device is silenced Im not really sure how the Ipads work but you know how the phone has the little switch on the side maybe you have that on silenced for the Ipad

Does your iPad have a headphone jack?

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