My sound cut out and I cannot get it back

On a flight in a 739, my sound has all of a sudden stopped and I cannot get it back. I tried switching to headphones, turning sound on and off again, and more things. This is only for IF sound though. When I plug in my iPad, I hear the charging ding. Does anyone know how to fix this without canceling this flight?

This is the second time this month this has happened
No, I do not have my ringer off
Do Not Disturb is not on
I am using IF Pax

Hey there! I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. To best assist, could you fill us in by answering the following question? Are you not hearing your engine sounds, ATC/Unicom voices, or both?

I can hear Unicom but no plane sounds: engine, flaps, and seatbelts

Okay. By any chance, did you use your device to make/receive a call during your session?

Additionally, have you switched between headphones, speakers, etc.?

Can you try to exit in and exit out of the app?

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