My Solo Cross Country

Hello all!

Some of you may remember the topic I made back in March about my solo. If you don’t, you can find it here.

I’m super lucky to have gotten my solo in as COVID kinda happened and HPN closed. I might as well link this topic as it explains the KHPN situation.

Now with my flight training resuming, it was time for the new stage of my training - the cross country!

Aircraft. Cessna 172SP (G1000)
Tail Number: N174TH
Route: KHPN (Westchester County) - KGON (Groton) - KHFD (Hartford Brainard) - KHPN (Westchester County)
Flight Time: 2.3 total

Here’s a photo of my flight from the IF map.

Some notes:

- All photos were taken while paying total attention to the aircraft. Luckily this 172 has autopilot which was very helpful during the journey.

- I tried to make cool looking banners based on my flight path. They ended up being somewhat ugly and aren’t north oriented but who cares, I’m keeping them.


Leg one was from KHPN-KGON. This was the longest leg and also the least eventful! After an easy departure from HPN I was on my own to enjoy the beautiful coastal views.

Holding short of runway 11 at KHPN


Cruising along at 3500 feet


Let’s play spot the plane! This traffic was passing about 700 feet below me. Can you see it?


Passing KHVN airport


The approach and landing into GON was nice and smooth, it was an easy leg.


Leg two was the shortest leg of the trip from KGON-KHFD. It was pretty work intensive as right when I clear GON airspace I start prepping for for my arrival. I unfortunately didn’t get any photos but here’s my track log for no real reason. It seems to have kept tracking me through my takeoff and then changing to a new route. No I can’t hold altitude that well, autopilot is a wonderful thing sometimes.

The arrival into HFD was just as uneventful and my landing was pretty good considering the 9 knot crosswind.


Leg 3 was the busiest and most fun leg. After landing at HFD I picked up a flight following to HPN. Basically this allowed approach to follow me through the flight and I got a bunch of traffic advisories. After departure I contacted Bradley approach (BDL), then two NY approach controllers before contacting HPN tower.


Here’s a poorly taken photo of KOXC (Oxford) airport.


Here’s a better photo of the cruise, it was a very smooth flight!

So anyway, that was the flight! It was pretty uneventful, nice and smooth, and an amazing experience. I was also lucky to have my instructor just one text away if anything happened.

I hope y’all enjoyed checking out some of these photos. This is a relatively big milestone in my training and I can’t wait to continue my progress! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Until next time, have a good one!


Great explaining and photos

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Glad to see some pictures of your flight, Will! It was nice watching you flight around on FR24 with a few other IFATC folks!

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Hope you had a good time! It was nice watching you on FR24 and live ATC. :)

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I get inspired thanks for that and great explaining loved it, also I found the plane

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Good spot! I had an eye on him for a while and he was no factor but it was an awesome sight seeing him pass right below me.

Thanks for the warm words, everyone! I believe I had quite the viewing party throughout the flight which was fun.


Good job mate. Hopefully in a few year’s I’ll be doing flight training as well!

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That looked like a very fun solo flight!

Amazing photos as well!

Soloing cross-country is a huge milestone in your flying career, amazing job getting this far! And I hope to see you continue on your flying career!

It looks like it was an awesome and fun flight for you, nice!

I hope to be in the cockpit sometime, after I decide to start ground school. 😂

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A bit late to the party, but great work! Flying solo, cross-country was hands down the best part of my private training. By the looks of it, you’ll need another cross country to meet the requirements of 61.109 but I’m sure you’re close to finishing off that private soon. Best of luck to you!

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Congrats man! I recently got my private pilots certificate in a C172N. I can’t even imagine how nice it is to be flying with that G1000 and AP. Feel free to message me if you have any questions with your training:) Good luck!

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