My smoothest landing in IF

My smoothest landingsg at Tan Son Airport while I was doing some patterns on the expert server.


Hi there. Please make sure you don’t have any huds or anything on screen besides the photo and include the needed information on the template.


Nice landing, but pressing this button showed below should do for the topic and fits the purpose of screenshotting.


Oh sorry should I delete it

I did it but it didn’t worked so I decided to do it like this.

It didn’t work? Well that shall be an issue then. I’m not sure if this is off-topic or a separate topic should be created in #support though.

Anyways, after pressing the photo icon shown above, what is happening?

You don’t have to that’s at your discretion although you must put the requirements on the template and on the photo in the topic to avoid it being closed. You can re-edit the topic to fix this. I suggest going back into the topic I linked to get an idea of some stuff you need.

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It showed me taking screenshot and it was loading to 100% but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere.

Is it possible to change pictures? If yes how?

Yes, it is possible to change pictures. Simply click the Pencil icon, and you’ll be able to change out your image.



Have this in mind that when the loading bar disappears then your screenshot has been saved. You may find it in the photo Gallery under “Infinite Flight”.

Take a look at this

I hope it’s good now.

Almost there! Just include the following information on your topic:
1) Background to the photos

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

3) Photos

(Copied from the category template)

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Awesome photos! Sure you Buttered your landing!