My smoothest landing ever at NZQN

Hello everyone! Today I did a flight from NZWN to NZQN. But first I would like to give an honorable mention to everyone who recommended this to me and more specifically @Charles_B for telling me all the information I needed to know for this flight.

PLANE: 737-700 BBJ Infinite Flight (2018) livery
CRZ: FL340
MACH: .81
SERVER: Expert server
Additional info: I set time to “noon” instead of “current time” to make the flight easier, because I wasn’t familiar with the approach through the mountains. Also I know it’s sorta unrealistic to bring a 737, but I’m not used to flying the a320 yet but comfortable with the 737. No hate to the a320 though :)
Windy takeoff from KZWN

Ascending through 10 thousand feet


Descending into the mountains

On base, entering final


My smoothest landing ever! At a rate of -20 to -40 FPM!


Hope you enjoyed! And also hopefully all the moderators and IF contributors in the plane also enjoyed the flight


I love the IF livery! That looked like a smooth BUTTER Landing. 😃


I love that airport.

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What’s not to like about it? Hahah

Thank you. But incoming reply’s telling you to use “greased” instead 😂

I just don’t see how this image is similar to a landing in any way.

But that was a smooth landing.


I’m pretty sure that’s frying @Butter_Boi

Anyways, nice pictures!

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It’s still grease though. 😉


That’s really cool 👍🏽Nice pics

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Hows this

Related to a landing
Great picks thow. Love the infinite flight liberty

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Yeah now that I think of it , butter makes more sense

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Thank you!

Incredible pictures! Now go outside and play or exercise or something after dealing with all that grease my goodness.

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Hahah don’t worry I worked the grease off fishing today, but the weight didn’t really cancel out 😬

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Usually my landing in the 737 are hard as it pitches down right away when I touch on the main gear… anyways, awesome shots!

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That is EXACTLY me with the a320. But practice makes perfect, and I’ve been practicing and getting better with the a320. Hopefully you get better with the 737!

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Very nice Grese Butter landing!


Holy Mary mother of Jospeh. That’s a buttery landing. Especially in the 738. Great work!

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Is it me or does the bbj look like the max? Just smaller. Nice landing

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Very nice butter landing!

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