My small miniature regional airport (Reming Regional / ERMN / RMN)(Expansion ahead)

#About Reming
So I was bored and started making a miniature airport. It took me around 5-10 minutes as I just needed to draw a few lines. I named it “Reming Regional”. It’s scaled to 1:400 and has a single runway (17/22) (not actual headings). And one parking not able to support bigger than a 738. It can handle only one plane at a time. Yes it is small but it still something

#Airlines (Imagination)
American Eagle
British Airways
British Airways Cityhopper

Aircraft’s view in approach
View from above
AA 738 (operation by American Eagle) lining up

-738 model not gemeni, herpa or … Just a Matel matchbox model
-Taxi lines are by a highlighter marker
-Leave opinions below


Looks good and I have that model here in aus it is called a matchbox model


Hey, you gotta start somewhere, and this is definitely something :) Nice Job!

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nice start!

Bulba say that’s good my brothera.
Bulba gonna make an airport myselfs.
I don’t wake up at 3:50-4 something AM every morning to just get on my computer. Well do that every day. But I shall make up my imaginary airport using the foam board I’m going to use to make an RC plane.

Here are the gliders though and they can glider if thrown at a high area.

Thanks everyone for the good replies! I can’t design a bigger airport due to a lack of space. Once I grow up I’ll hopefully build a big, 1:200 airport with 4 runways and AN-225 compatibility.

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