My Sister’s 12th Birthday Weekend Trip to the Big Apple aka New York - Outbound Pt1: St. Louis to Miami

Hello folks, on Wednesday February 14th, my sister named Pamela Rose Ekpo turned 12 years old. So for me to celebrate her 12th Birthday, I made a plan on me traveling down from St. Louis to Miami 🌴😎🇺🇸 to see my sister at the Hotel 🏨 in downtown Miami. Then we will be traveling to New York 🍎🇺🇸🗽which will happen tomorrow on Saturday. As I arrived to Miami last night, it was extremely late and it was already time for me to head to bed 🛌 as soon as I arrived at the hotel 🏨 . So, I’m posting these shots right now. So here goes the shots.

American Airlines Flight 1569: St. Louis to Miami 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Destination: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Flight Time: 2hrs 39mins
Server: Expert

As Uncle Offiong dropped me off at the airport, I checked in, got my boarding pass, and went through airport security. As I arrived at Gate C16 at STL airport, my flight got delayed to 6:55 PM CST as it was scheduled to depart STL at 6:03 PM CST after it arrived from Miami. However, it arrived from Miami at around 6:00 PM CST. So here I am as I took a picture of my plane before I boarded this flight down to Miami to see my 12 year old sister. Btw, while I waited, I went and bought Chex Mix and Mentos Gum to snack on the plane during cruise.

Once it hit 6:57 PM CST, we pushed back out of Gate C16, started up the engines, and thus, taxiing to RWY 29 as we were about to cross RWY 24 before the captain made the announcement for us to prepare for takeoff 🛫

Here we go as we enter RWY 29, lining up before we began our takeoff roll

And liftoff off we go to Miami, goodbye St. Louis c ya later

After we banked to our left 180 degrees counterclockwise, we flew over the Mississippi River before we continued southeast en route to Miami.

As we leveled off at FL390, the plane started rocking left and right violently, which sounded very scary as we encountered severe turbulence, making it a rough flight. So the seat belt sign was left on for while until there wasn’t any turbulence and then the seat belt sign was off. The flight attendants served us Biscoff cookies 🍪 and choice of beverages. So I went with Sprite 🥤 and had my Chex Mix. After snacking on the plane, I chewed my Mentos gum. I was listening to music 🎶 throughout the flight until I heard “Flight Attendants, prepare for landing”.

Then approx 40 minutes later, we were on our descent phase getting near MIA airport

Then here we are on final RWY 9 before touchdown at MIA airport

After we landed, and crossed RWY 12, we are taxiing to our arrival gate Gate D45 at MIA airport. Welcome to the 🌴😎🇺🇸 305.

And Pamela’s big brother had arrived to Miami ate Gate D45 MIA airport. Here is the photo of my aircraft that I flew on. Alrighty, so I’m on my to baggage claim 🛄 and exiting the airport to call Lyft 🚗 to take me to The Gabriel Miami Downtown, Curio Collection by Hilton 🏨 to see my 12 year old sister Pamela before we head to 🍎🇺🇸🗽 New York on Saturday.

And that completes my trip from St. Louis to Miami. I hope you enjoyed shots regarding my trip. Stay tune for our flight to New York JFK happening on Saturday. Have a blessed day and be safe.


Hey! Nice pics
Btw i wish a happy birthday to your sister!


Thank you @Ywikiwinfiniteflight

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I wonder if KSTL to KMIA was your most flown route in the 2023 recap

Great Snaps! 📸 I’ll be wrapping up Tenerife tomorrow

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Yeah it is my most flown route

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