My Singapore Airlines Flight to Singapore!

I recently took a Singapore Airlines A380 flight from London to Singapore and thought I’d share some photos :D

Our aircraft! The aircraft with the best registration, 9V-SKY.

Taxiing to runway 27R for departure!

The iconic bank turn after lift off from 27R!

Cool sun shot!

Beautiful sunset 😍

Lots of cargo boats seen just before touchdown!

Arrival into Singapore

Certainly was a pleasant flight with Singapore Airlines (besides the food). If you’re interested in my review check out my trip report :D

Trip Report: TRIPREPORT | Flying Singapore Airline’s A380 BEST Economy Seat! | London Heathrow to Singapore! - YouTube


Watching your video. Perfect seat assignment for the wing droop and engine perspective! Really frames the external view well.

The ground view perspective, surely that’s not your aircraft? But it banks at to the right at the same time??

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It is my aircraft. My dad decided to record my departure after dropping me off. :)


Now that is dedication to your video effort! Unexpected!

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Haha thanks! And thanks for watching :D


I really like your photo of the approach shot with all the boats! it really is amazing how many boats Singapore has off its coast.

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Those appear to be empty container ships. Singapore is a major hub for goods of world trade being rerouted in one of the busiest sea lanes.

Until you mentioned it, I wasn’t aware so many empty container ships parked!


wonderful trip in a380 how did it go?

I will do the same thing for my flight next week you will be entitled to the sunset of Guadeloupe and the sunrise of France.

Some amazing shots there, Lee

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Welcome to Singapore!

And yes a lot of cargo ships pass us


It sure is! Thank you :)


It was definitely a great flight. However the food was terrible!

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Thank you! :D


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