My shortest flight!

British airways E190 flight from Heathrow to London city

Expert server flight time 18 minutes 😂


The image is not loading😂

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I wonder why

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I fixed it👍


Hey there!

Nice photo! I love the British Airways E190 livery!

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I’m so sorry I had no idea I really want to stay on here I really don’t want to get I trouble all I want to do is to have people like my photos it makes me happy. Thanks for the heads up. Does this mean I have to delete it.

Hey! No worries at all

I flagged this for closure so a moderator can close this. Although, you can repost this photo once the 24 hours is up from your last topic

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I’m new so do you now how to delete it?

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Ok. Thank you for letting me know.have a great night. This will not happen again I promise.😉

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No worries at all!

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