My short flight through the alps

This was a flight I just did through the alps
Aircraft, sr 22
Server, Expert
Route, between two airports in the Swiss alps.
Flight time, 19 min
Cruising ALT, FL140

Starting Up at the gate.

Long takeoff at high altitude airport

Some beautiful scenery above the alps

A town and airport below me

More beautiful scenery.

Tight pattern into the airport

On final approach

Just landed

Parked at the gate

How did you like it? The flight was beautiful.


Great photos! Maybe go a little less aggressive on the blue hue, but they are still good. Just my opinion. You don’t have to change though.

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Thanks, I love constructive criticism, Next time they won’t have as much blue hue.

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Yeah, I also think they were a little over-edited.

Bring out the scenery more than the picture, you want to make the subject more noticeable than the picture itself. lol

Great shots aside from that!

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Beautiful what’s both airports code?

What airport is it?

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What airport was this?

No need to spam, they will eventually get back to you :)

So didn’t mean to

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3, 4, and 5 are stunning 😍

LSPU-LSPL. That’s the route.

Nice mate, you’re making a good impact towards the IF community at the moment. Keep it up!

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Thank you for the feedback.

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