My Second Longest Non-stop Flight

Hey IFC, today I had complete a second longest nonstop flight of my life moments that I will never forget and here are some screenshots of best moments of this flights! :)

Flight Information:

Pilot: Me! Captain Jimmy L
Sever: Expert
Route: (NZAA) Auckland - (LFPG) Paris
Aircraft/Airline: Airbus A350 Air France
Callsign: Air France 859
Flight time: 22:01 Hours
Cruising Altitude: Step climb FL350, FL360, FL380, FL400
Payload: 100% Fuel, 47 Passengers and 0 kg Cargo


Ready for takeoff

Time to say good bye New Zealand

Turning toward Paris!

The day is endingโ€ฆ

Passing over Tokyo, Japan

Exactly Half way 11 hours leftโ€ฆ

22 hours laterโ€ฆ The moment has come

Landing runway 27L at (LFPG) Paris

The end of my longest non-stop flight.

I do this flight just to to put A350 to the test for far can it go after I landed I still have 9% fuel left which still be able to fly for another 2 hours but hope you enjoy it. โ€œTHANK YOUโ€


Thats crazy! Congrats on that. I think my longest non-stop flight was from Antarctica to London(weird route lol) at around 20-21 hours in the 777LR.

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Ooh! Fly Auckland to Malaga next!

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Looks like a cool flight! Make sure to remove name tags and airplane dots next time.

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@LeonardIF18, I tried addibg clouds to your pic.
What do you think of it?

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Thank you!

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Please tell me this wasnโ€™t on IOS. I canโ€™t stand the frequent crashes on IOS 13
and if it was wow that is an impressive amount of time without a crash lol

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It was android because I know IOS it gonna crash lol


Alright I was literally going to do a flight tonight, and I was deciding between my Galaxy S9 or my iPad and I was like hmm, lemme see what device the IFC is using for long hauls lol

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Wow! You got a long flight their!