My second long haul ever

Server: Training
Flight time: 12:00
Plane: 787-9

Our plane for today a beautiful JAL 787-9
Blasting out of San Diego.

Sunset at FL420

On short final at RJTT
Unfortunately due to crosswind my plane crashed shortly after the picture was taken.
All photos are unedited. Feedback is appreciated.


I think something got mixed up here? Also congrats on trying, but crashes happen

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Welcome to the long-haul addiction. It’s much more satisfying than flying short-haul routes.

I’m sorry to hear about the outcome, but it can happen to anyone, don’t let it put you off.

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Thank you. I changed that. I accidentally messed that up.

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I know that from now on I am doing almost completely long haul. You are right it is WAY better than short haul.

I think it isn’t very long, but nice!!

I love Japan Airlines and their dreamliner. If only IF had a JAL 787-8

Great shots! 👍

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For my second long haul ever 12 hours is long.

I agree. I am hoping they add the JAL 787-8 when they rework it. Thank you for the feedback.

My longest flight is 13 hours. In YT longest IF live is 14 hours EGLL to RJTT

Well I have a new longest since then. 15 hours. OTHH-KIAH.

You can try PANC to NZAA

I might sometime. My next long haul though will be WSSS-KEWR.

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Great shots, and beautiful route it is.Sadly you crashed but it happens always. And yea Long hauls the best, more fun

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Go for it , I done that remember 🙂

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Yep I remember.

Cool pictures! Not a route too many know about! KSAN actually gets quite a few long hauls that not many know about! And I can’t wait for the -8 to be added for JAL!

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Yup I hope that the 787-8 JAL livery gets added when they rework the 787.

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-8 missing so many liveries, and the -9
as well…

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Ah I remember my first ever long haul, April 5th 2019, A VGVA Virgin Atlantic, EGLL-KLAX I remember waking up over Canada, it was 4am when I did that Loved the veiw and since then always flew long hual.

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