My second flight as a pilot!!

Hey guys! Today i went to Nettuno Airpark. I was really happy because i knew my dad would let me fly! And then the big moment happened! While i was waiting for the plane, a TecNam P92 Echo (I-4429) i was chilling around with a kitfox

And then the plane arrived! and boy was I happy! I jumped in and me and the pilot started the Start checklist! And after that we taxied to the runway and we took-off!
It was great! I also got pictures of the seaside
But the really important moment was when the pilot asked me: “hey you want to stall?” And i was like HELL YEAH!
Ok, maybe when i felt my legs strange i was a bit scared but boy it was funny! Then, sadly we had to go back to the runway and land. 😞 The landing was ok, (there were some winds) and then i hopped of the plane, with tears in eyes. But my day was still great! Wow! who is this boy? oh, it is me.
If you have any question, ask them below!


so you did a controlled stall? Thats pretty sick

Yup! It was great

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I’m guessing you’re Italian? Anyway, I can remember my first flights in the cockpit. Always fun to remember that.


THANKS GUYS! Earned Nice Topic ! You know i like to entertain the community! Important badge for me

Wow, your just 13!
Good luck in your career in the future:)

Thank you!

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