My second day of Spotting training at EDDW

Yesterday I already took some nice shots around EDDW:
-Lufthansa Cityline (Spotting from my garden)
-Beluga, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa
(Wet but still beautiful)

Now I went again to EDDW to try some more nice shots, todays pic count: 341 in total today

Absolutely crazy weather here, Heavy rain and sunshine made this

After the weather became normal, this DASH 8 Q400 left Bremen while Beluga started his free day

Sweet small Cityhoppee from Amsterdam, I still need to learn to take pictures in the dark

Later before I left eddw, this Ryanair flight came in and landed successfully

My best picture of the day is on Instagram:


Wow, they are stunning!


Thank you @Robertine , actually I hope that the A320 pictures brings some attention at Instagram or follower. Also I need some tips for pictures in the dark, that camera is from 2008, i’ll buy a new one, possible the canon eos 2000d and a tele-objectiv with up to 250/300mm with stabilization

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