My screenshots

Hello, I flew LEMD-SKBO for a VA and I like to share Some pics with you guys.
Of course if you want you can put your own pictures in here too

aircraft used: Avianca Boeing 787-8
route: LEMD-SKBO
flight time: 9 hours and 5 minutes
server: Expert server

aircraft used: LOT ERJ170
route: EPWA-EGLC
flight time: 2:05

aircraft used: Qantas a380
route: WSSS-YSSY
flight time: 9:37

aircraft used: Qantas 737
route: YSSY (YSSY, YMML, NZAA flyout)-YMML
flight time: 1:27


JAL 787


It is a true beauty, I stay with the A350 though.
I cant wait for its release!


Yeah, the a350 is a nice plane too. But I think i’ll go for 787 because i think it looks more beautiful

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I’ve decided to put more of my work in it🤷‍♂️
So I don’t have to make separate topics for them