My screen display name

Hi is there anyway I can chnage my username from nateyboi to the username of my choice?

For your IFC name or your display name in Infinite Flight?

If it’s on the IFC, you will need to contact a moderator

IFC name just want one name to go off of n I like ducks n I like unlucky things so hence my other display names (available on profile)

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Ohhh if any mods see this can you contact me :) DeerCrusher I know u see this 😎


Like @Cpt_Zorndy said you will need to PM @moderators

I’ll contact deercrusher if he sees it…I’ve spoke to him a few times before :)

I don’t think this has been said but make sure you are comfortable with your new name as you will only be allowed one name change

Yep I know what it is :) ur a mod right drum?

Just PM @ moderators or any of us individually!