My scenery looks poor,

Hello, Recently my scenery quality has been quite not as good as I see everyone posting on instagram, If anything it reminds me of the scenery we had prior to the global HD scenery update.

Device: iPad Air latest model.

What are your settings like at the Home Screen settings menu? The in flight settings and pre-flight/spawn settings are different. Also, most of the screenshots you see are taking in Replay mode which in itself has quality settings.

Its all on High, Anti - Aliasing is on, And I do have the limit frame rate function on as well.

Home Screen Settings:

Screenshot Resolution Setting:

Just be mindful that different devices have limitations so your settings may not parallel what I’ve shared here.

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Here is a photo climbing out of Sydney,

The imagery will look more defined from higher altitudes. It’s not meant to be high definition per say at lower altitudes. The best views are going to appear at levels in the 24000 - 40000 feet range.

Oh Ok, Also is it safe to turn off Limit Frame rate, I have the latest iPad Air version? Would that run safely?

If you are flying a long haul I would not recommend turning it off. Short flights I don’t have any troubles on my iPhone XR or iPad Pro 11” but lately with the release of 19.4 I turn limit frame rate on on the long hauls.

Thanks soo much, You may close this thread now. :)

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