My Scatch Built RC Plane

Starting this off my plane is almost done. Technically I need just the transmitter and receiver. But really I also need a LiPo Battery charger and servo centerer. As I am nearing the end of it’s build before flight I had many things goin though my head. Some like “I should have done this correct” and some like “the plane will do fine”. The plane was poorly built.

I built the fuselage without knowing the size of the electronics. The elctronics is also something I worry about. The battery amperage is 55 amps so it’s higher than the 40 amp ESC which is higher than the motors amperage. Now I’m not an RC expert but I felt like the higher amperage would be safer.

Now to the wings and weight. It’s going to be heavy. The motor and battery take care of front and center weight. But in the aft I’ll be putting a camera and a phone if it’s still nose heavy. If i knew the weight that was going to come from this I would have had two motors. So now it’s all going to be on that one motor. I haven’t figured out the CG yet. All in all the plane wasn’t built so great but I still hope for it to take to the skies.

P.S I won’t reply till later or tomorrow.


Its definitely looking good!

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What is your RC plane made of? I suggest you to check the fuselage, look like it’s crooked to left from what I see on the picture. Good luck with your RC build, I have sort of bad luck with RC planes.

I had two foam planes so far, I only got chance to fly one once before it was destroyed by my dog and other saw couple of more flights before getting jailed in its plastic box. Need to find time then I can free it.


Finally, something I know a little something about. Being an avid RC aviator for many years (built my first one in 1982!) and Radio Frequency/Electronics Engineer, I like this and was wondering if I would ever see anyone else on here that “tinkers” with RC flight. That looks like an E Flight / Park Zone brushless outrunner motor with matching E Flight ESC. I’ll have to dig though my parts bin, but I think I still have one of those ESCs. ;) As for a servo or anything servo related, I like Futaba…they generally make pretty reliable stuff, but an E Flight / Park Zone Servo will do just fine. Also, you can check out the Traxxas servos as I have had success using them in a pinch.

Here is where your complication comes in: with a battery that produces a max 55A output @ 11.1V, your ESC will only handle 40A Max input @ 11.1V. That extra 15A of current that you are going to push through the ESC is probably going to let the smoke out of a couple of components. And as well all know, the smoke has to stay inside the components for them to function properly. Make sure that your max input current/voltage for the ESC is never surpassed by the supply current/voltage. Unless you are like me and enjoy spending money on simple mistakes. :)

DM me if you ever need any help or guidance. I’ll be more than happy to guide you in the right direction should you need it. Happy flying!


It looks great for a scatch built one! I can’t even make a very good paper plane.

Depends on what prop he’s pulling. It’s fairly reliant on how much power can be juiced out of the system. Looks like an APC to me with a steep pitch. For a slow and lazy flyer like that, you’d be better off getting a longer prop and a shallower curve.

Get yourself a watt meter, Bulba. It’ll allow you to see whether your propeller/battery/motor setup is overstressing the limits of the individual electronic components used.


My “scratch build…”


110 mph flat out. 6s 22.2V 4000 battery, 70 amp ESC, 12 blade fan w/ 1850kv Predator inrunner.



That only comes into play when the system is under electrical load. In a power up (no load) state, such as just sitting on the ground, there will not be enough resistance to attenuate the current.

And he would be better served by a digital multi-meter versus just a watt meter…


Yes, that’s the point.

Edit- I can’t really be bothered to care about calling mine a multi meter. It displays watts, amps, voltage, etc. It’s just easier calling it the former.

It’s definitely multimeter.

Keep up the good work. Its looking good!

It looks really cool. Just gotta watch out for rain ;)

I will try but I’m on my parents budget. I still need a controller, lipo charger and LiPo Saftey bag. Adding to that I also need to center my servos. So I’ll see about a watt meter.

It is crooked to the left. I should have fixed it earlier but I didn’t know how. So I’m guessing during flight I’ll need have to flight against the rightward movement.

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That doesn’t look too bad, I just have two questions:

  1. The horizontal stabilizer looks tiny, is the entire thing a control surface?
  2. Isn’t 500 mAmps enough to kill you? If so, how are you able to protect yourself?

I’ve been trying to learn basic electronics, and I think a project like this would be really cool.

Edit: What is the RMP of the motor?

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  1. The is an elevator but it’s pointed down in the photo. Though it is small and I may have to increase the area of it.

  2. The battery has protection. Though LiPo batteries do puff and can burst into flames if severely damaged.

  3. (Edit) it will go at 1400 RPMs

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Nvm…keep up the industrious attitude. Looking forward for the first flight…☺

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Have you tried flying it? If it flies well than you don’t need to do anything


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