My Rough Work @ KPSP


KPSP! Never seen it that crowded!

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It wasn’t until I came in 😂

That’s not to bad the C750 going 248 kts at 3200 ft 5 miles away may have s hard time, as well as the E175 at 5400 ft just entering the ILS 😂

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If that was me to sort the situation:

  • Instruct C750 to left 360

  • Keep a single active runway most likely 13R.

  • Instruct E195 to make a right 360

  • Squence E195 number 2 traffic to follow is on right base or right downwind.

  • IDK about that DH8D, hopefully not on pattern work. JUst annoucne that you arent accpeting pattern work.