My RIMPAC Tour in 3 Days, or was it 4???

Way back in the day when the world was young and before the Earth’s odometer rolled over into the 21st Century; it was the 90s.

I was in the US Air Force (from 86-06) and in 1995 I cross trained into Command Post (CP); AFSC 1C3X1). After tech school I was assigned to the 62AW/CP at McChord AFB WA. AT that time Air Mobility Command (AMC) required that all CP controllers go on at least 2 missions a year not counting local air refueling (AR) and air drop missions (which are awesome, got the rare opportunity to stand on the ramp flying ~300ft AGL of course with a flight helmet and a line.

At that time McChord was still flying C-141Bs when I got to go on my 1st non-local mission. It was over a weekend and had an augmented crew which meant crew duty day was 24 hours and we departed McChord to Elmendorf AFB AK. We did a quick turn then flew to Yokota Japan where we crew rested. 12 Hours of crew rest and 3+45 (I think) we were in the air again to Misawa AB, Japan for refuel. Plane broke upon landing and couldn’t fix there, so got a waiver from TACC (Tanker Airlift Control Center) to fly to Yokota AB Japan. Plane was fixed sometime later but there was a storm at sea and we couldn’t get the altitude so we went mid pac to Hickham in HI. Well then we ran out of crew duty day, bummer lol and spent overnight (or was it day? Dunno a bit of both) in HI. Next day(ish) or so, got crew alert, flew out back to McChord.

So, there was my Pacific Rim trip in 3(ish) days or so on a C-141B.

Next time maybe I’ll tell about the 2 day or so flight to RAF Mildenhall and back (different duty station) and find out later that the wife stepped out while I was gone … :)

Yes, I used “ish” alot, bite me lol, lots of brain cells missing since then :D


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