My right from my left (Chicago approach)

Hi guys :) ,
I know you’re going to think this is absolutely noobish of me to ask,but when I see “Turn right heading 270” does that mean I can keep the autopilot on and switch it to 270 heading, or disconnect and turn right manually? I was approaching KORD from the south, and I was on the approach with ATC there. I was given the instructions to turn right heading 270. I disconnected the autopilot and tried turning right manually but then I got a warning for a speed violation. Then after I got that notification, and fixed it, I got the notification I would get ghosted if I didn’t follow instructions. I freaked out and left because I wasn’t sure how to correct that.

Now unlike other threads, this is not me blaming the ATC. They did an amazing job :) . I’m just trying to figure out what I should do for next time. I might attempt the flight again in an hour :) . After all, all of us are still learning here :) . Thank you :)

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Just change autopilot heading from what your at and change it to 270 and disable NAV

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Thank you :) . I’m going to test something out in a solo flight and see if this works as I thought by turning that off, it turned everything off (although I probably hit the wrong button this time 😅) .

Not NAV if you touch the A/P button then that will disable everything

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whenever you receive a instruction from APPS or DEPT you turn off the autopilot, because if you keep it, you will not be able to perform any maneuver, the autopilot will follow the route

Thank you :) I think I found my problem right there. I just tested this out in solo and it’s working the way it’s supposed to. I have learned something and now hopefully my second attempt will be better :) .

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If NAV is on when a command is issued, turn it off, and activate the HDG. Change the HDG to what the ATC has instructed. The autopilot will turn the plane for you to follow the ATC’s instructions.

If NAV is not on, simply adjust the HDG to what ATC has instructed you.

If neither NAV nor HDG are on, activate HDG and change it to what ATC has instructed you.


As mentioned, switch off NAV as soon as you’re on Approach frequency and adjust your HDG to the heading given by the Approach controller. You don’t even have to know what is left and which way is right ;-)

Do watch your speed though; the higher your airspeed, the wide the turns.

Any sharp turns, and specifically the final turn towards the localizer, I often switch off the HDG AP button and steer the aircraft myself, so that I make a nice and smooth intercept and don’t overshoot the extended center line.

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