My Richmond Flyout

Hey everybody, so today as some of you know, I hosted a Richmond flyout. There were 9 people including me that came. Here are the pictures.

This is all of us at our gates and preparing for our flights.

Here we are all lined up for Runway 02.

In this picture @10R80_Daily is rotating in an American CRJ2.

This is @Everything_Matthew rotating in an American CRJ2

Here taken from a different angle @Ecoops123 is rotating in a Southwest 737.

This is me rotating in a American 738.

This is @Military_Guru rotating in a TBM.

This is @NathanD rotating in a Delta 738.

Here @Sebastian1 is rotating in an American CRJ7

Last and not least, here with a Delta 738 lining up @David_Mullen is rotating in a TBM.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and those that participated in the event I hope you like the pictures!


Looking forward to the next one!


@10R80_Daily Thank you! I can’t wait too!


Nice pictures! Too bad I couldn’t come :(


@snoman Thank you! It’s ok and I’m glad you are coming for the next one 🙂

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I’m surprised you didn’t use more of mine! 👻

Nonetheless great photos and great event! See you in the next one!

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Nice shots! Unfortunately I didn’t sign up.😔 I’ll come to the next one.

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@Ecoops123 Thank you! I tried to take some of my own and see if I could do good with the free cam :)

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Ok @Sashaz55. Thank you! I have a BWI event if you’d like to come.

Yah it’s annoying you have to go quite far and zoom in. I had most of mine cropped.

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Oh nice. Your pictures were really good 😉

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These are some really good pictures you took I really like the picture of us all lined up pleasure joining you this morning for the flight

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Thank you @NathanD, I appreciate it that you joined me 😊

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Thanks it was a great event looking forward for the next one i flew to Chicago where did you fly guys?

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Thank you @Sebastian1! I flew to Charlotte.

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I wish I found out about the event! It’s my home airport!

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Oh really? I bumped it several times :)

Looks really cool with the people rotating.

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@Butter_Boi Thank you! It’s hard to take these with free cam.

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Nice Photos!