My Revised Honest Opinion About 22.1

Hello IFC,
A couple of weeks ago, I made an honest review on 22.1. I am now making a new review since those bugs have been fixed! So, let’s get started.

22.1 came with new 3D airports like KATL, KDAB, etc, and it also came with new animated jetbridges. I love the new 3D airports and the animated jetbridges. I think they were a great addition. They also added a UPS 747 livery. I don’t fly cargo much, but I’ll be sure to give this baby flight. Now for the score.


My new rating on 22.1 is a 10/10. They fixed all the bugs that were in the update and it is definitely one of my favorite IF updates. I mean nothing can beat global lol!

If you guys would like to see more honest opinions about updates please let me know and I’ll do it for each IF update. Please let me know what you think about my new revised version! Thank you for reading my honest opinion and have a great rest of your day/night!