My review of LATAM

Well, i did this flight in February of 2018, but at that time I was not at IFC.
Principal Data:
Flight: Lima, Peru to La Habana, Cuba.
Date: February, 2018.
Class: Economy.
Plane: I think it was an A321.


I haven’t photos but i have a good memory hahahah

Maybe not

Principal Review:
Well, the flight time was 5:30 hours, and takeoff at 1:30 a.m.

The plane had a screen in the seats to watch many movies.
There was no dinner, There was a ration of cookies for everything passenger.
The only thing that can be repeated was the drink, and a small “dessert”; a cupcake that can also be repeated.

me, with 10 years, i ate 10 cupcakes hahahaha

The flight was very welcoming and the service on board was excellent. The landing was very good.
Final Review:
Well, for me, the calification is 10/10.
And, what about you?

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Reading at your short review, it seems that it was like a horrible experience. But given the fact that it was red-eye flight in the early morning I wouldn’t expect a more complete meal for passengers.

Well, yes, maybe not a horrible experiencia, but yes a bad experience.

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