My Review In Spotting for Two Thousand and Twenty Three

I didn’t do one of these last year, but right now I’m sitting on the couch doing nothing so I thought I’d do one for this year.

This year has been good all around for me, and while I have yet to upgrade equipment or get better at editing, I still share some of my favorite photos from this year.

I am extremely thankful for my ability to non-rev on a certain airline allowing me to take spontaneous spotting trips to different places which allow for some fun daytrips!

Here’s to Two Thounsand and Twenty Four!

New Year’s Day of 2023 started off with some rain where I went out with other buddies to take advice of it, and as well spot the college football charters with the conclusion of last season.

February brought to Phoenix the Super Bowl and the WM Phoenix Open over the same weekend, needless to say Phoenix we’re getting more heavy jets than we could handle. This AA 777-200er blasts off in front of the tower

Earlier this year we said goodbye to the remaining canyon blue -800s, a very bitter sad goodbye to a great era. This post did surprisingly well on my Instagram and def wanted to include a tribute to the Canyon Blues.

One of the first monsoon storms we saw this year back in May left for some nice backdrops on departures. While the quality isn’t great, this shot ended landing on all of Southwest Airlines Social Media accounts, something I was proud of.

Shortly after the last photo, I was introduced to bridge shots from the lower levels on the T3 parking garage. Where, in the summer, pairs amazingly well with golden hour. Here’s Arizona One crossing the bridge in a classic Arizona golden hour.

I also took my first solo spotting trip over the summer. This is 1 of 3 times I’d visit LAX over the summer. Here’s a golden united 789 on final for 24R in some nice socal evening light. (Fun fact: my flight home from this trip was the Canyon Blue Max 8)

Over the summer @brody_swiatek and I took a day trip to ABQ where we almost ended up not getting home. However I do like this shot I was able to pull with some nice cumulonimbus clouds closing the background

One of my epic non-rev adventures that I decided to take purely because I was bored at home left me with this beautiful West Coast Wonders Max 9 pushing back from SJC. my routing that day took me PHX-LGB-SJC-LAX-PHX. it was a lot of fun.

Back in fall I took a risk to go and try to catch the worlds last L-1011 depart from Goodyear. Boy was I not disappointed. What a treat it was to see a true relic of aviation. She departed and came back around for a low pass afterwards, a true treasure to experience.

I would be upset if I left this one out, as there are many others I would have loved to include, but this one I feel has to be in here. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken and I definitely think it was worth it for this shot. The culmination of a giant 777-300er floating over your head, with the beautiful golden hour light illuminating the engines, it is definitely one of my favorite shots of the year!

Well that’s it for my 2023 year in review! I wish I could’ve included a couple more as there’s definitely some I wish I didn’t have to leave out, but it was a great year for spotting!

In 2024 I hope to upgrade my equipment to take better photos and I definitely need to learn how to pan.

Anyway thanks for looking at my review of this year!

Cheers to 2024!


too good!
i love every one of these!!
happy new years 🎇

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thank you!!

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Cool Tristar!

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thank you! one of the highlights of the year!

Beautiful lighting. Really noice shots

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