My Return

Greetings everyone. I hope you guys are having a good day.

Some of you may or may not know me but I was a user who was suspended back in November 2017 for a valid reasons which I take full responsibility for. Because I am back using the forum, I don’t want to feel looked down because of my history. So allow me to explain.

In the fall, I was going through some hard troubles at home, which led me to become immature and I became kind of rude. Nowadays, my mentality has matured significantly and I can deal with people in a better way.

Since November, I have used the forum without an account. Browsing topics, looking at the latest announcements and I know have a very great knowledge of the forum. I am going to try and get my name changed and rebuild from my past mistakes.

I hope you guys will give me a warm welcome!


Great to know you Have learned and matured past that foolish past!
Glad to have you back! ✈️✈️✈️


Meta is for workings of the forum, this should be in general

Also not directed at you specifically but I’ve been seeing a lot of these sort of I’m back posts and I don’t think we really need them.

Sorry! My bad. I figured since it was about the forum it would be meta!

It’s not really about the forum though, it’s you explaining to people why you were suspended and that you’ve changed and are more mature now.

Welcome back anyways

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“We grow from our mistakes”, I personally never regret doing anything, it is the faults that i’ve had in my life which has brought me to where i am today: Someone who is free, not shy of expressing opinions and has a strong mentality.

Welcome back! :)

We can all be immature sometimes, that’s the nature of humans, but acknowledging the mistakes of the past and looking forward is strong, hope to see you around 👍

Don’t let the past bother you, what happened back then, happened for a reason. Look right in front of you, the future is where we are headed :)


Captain_JR, I love the Quote!!


Welcome back dude, glad to see your tag here again.

Stick with it, embrace it and use it as a reminder of who you were and how far you’ve come.

Thank You, it is very much true that the mistakes we make in our lives teach us something new :)
This summer i made a what you could call a mistake, and i’ve had a lot of time thinking about it, and i have now learned a lot from what i did. In the end i regret nothing, i only am a student of this world, keep learning new things everyday :)

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I agree with you, you learn from your mistakes.


Welcome back bro!! Glad your back! Also we all make mistakes!!

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Welcome back!