My Return to Screenshots and Videos - Short Runways and Long Hauls!

Short Runways and Long Hauls!

With school being sent to virtual learning due to the weather here in the South, I have found plenty of time to go for a long-haul and still get a good night’s rest. My choice in this case was the twelve and a half hour-long hop from Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport to Newark’s Liberty International. With a wonky flight plan and interesting procedures on my side, I made the hop across the oceans.

Here we go!

  • Route: RJTT - KEWR
  • Aircraft: United 777-200ER
  • Time: Twelve Hours and Thirty-Five Minutes
  • Departure Runway: 05
  • Landing Runway: 29
  • Cruise Altitude: FL310

It’s a sunny day as we leave Tokyo’s Haneda Airport - departing on its shortest runway, the Island Runway 05.

Following the SID out of Tokyo, We see a beautiful view of the world’s largest city.

About an hour after waking up, we see a bird’s eye view of Montreal. Our turn to the south at this point also signalizes the beginning of our descent.

About thirty minutes later, and we are on final approach at Newark’s Liberty Airport, trying the challenging northern approach onto Runway 29, Newark’s shortest runway.

And we’re on the ground! After an adrenaline-inducing approach into Newark, all the passengers are awake and preparing for the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

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Nice shots man. I would love to go to Tokyo because I have never been there in ages

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Newark? I’ll send in a rescue team right away.

Great photos too by the way.

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