My Return to Infinite Flight // Reliving a Memory

My Return to Infinite Flight // Reliving a Memory

Hello aviators! I can say it has been a while… I have been gone from the Infinite Flight Community for quite some time now. During my break, I have accomplished some major milestones towards my Private Pilots License. It is with great excitement to share that I have passed both Private Pilot Ground School and the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam. Now, I need some more flight hours, instruction, and to pass my Check-Ride. This will take some more hard work and dedication, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. As of now, I will be more active on Infinite Flight, the IFC, VA/VOs, and IFATC. It feels great to be back and am excited for more great flights and memories with my brothers and sisters here on Infinite Flight!

P.S. Event coming out VERY soon ;)

Server: Expert
Callsign: FDX1060 Heavy
Time: 0230 Zulu - 1510 Zulu
Route: Dublin (EIDW) - Singapore Changi (WSSS)
Aircraft: Boeing 777 Freighter

This past Saturday night, I decided to do my first flight on Infinite Flight in about 2 months. I was considering which route to pick when I remembered one of my favorite memories I have from this wonderful sim and community. Some of you may remember the photo thread or flight back in January, but I hosted a very successful group flight from Singapore to Dublin in the FedEx Boeing 777 Freighter. Looking at my route map, I realized I never flew her back to Singapore so I decided that this would be a perfect first flight back. I hope you all enjoy the photos and look forward to more great group flights and events in the future!

1. Loading up for our 12 hour 40-minute flight to Singapore.

2. Blasting out of Dublin!

3. Cruising with daylight starting to show about an hour after departure.

4. Another view :)

5. Finally reaching the continent of Asia.

6. Getting a bit closer to Singapore.

7. Daylight shifting to nightlight (you’ll see in a sec).

8. Nightlight

9. Finally reaching our destination!

10. Unloading all of the throwback waffles from Dublin. @Pilot_Felix

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Hope you guys enjoyed these shots! Special thanks to this wonderful family for being so perfect. I missed y’all so much and am so excited to get started again. Cheers!

Thread from January:


Glad to have you back!

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Thank you so much! I’m excited for more of your events :)

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Wish I could have joined you! Glad to see your back flying again.

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I am happy you r back on the APJT team

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Welcome back! Nice photos! 😁


Welcome back, Cooper!


Hi Cooper.

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@Chicago_Aviator No worries! We’ll do a long haul soon :)

@SWA1997 Same! It’s nice to be back.

@JarrettFlies Thank you!

@Canadian_Aviator Thank you!

@Ballio Hey


Welcome back!! And great shots for your amazing come back:)

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Thank you so much!

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Welcome back!
Hope the flight was a great welcome back flight for you :)
also I might have used that plane multiple times before they flew it back to Dublin

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Thanks! The flight was great. Beautiful aircraft too :)

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nice shots btw! 12hr idk if i can handle being in a plane that long welcome back man!

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Have you ever considered join FedEx Virtual I fly for them and it os an awesome VA!

Link to join if you wish: https:
you have to take an entry exam when you join here is a link to that: FedEx Virtual Entry Exam

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Of course! They looks amazing

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@AviatorRyan Thank you! 12 hours is a long time!

@Stick_theLanding I was a pilot for FedEx Virtual a few months ago. Thanks for the links! I will consider joining back.

@LorenzoBefumo Thank you!