My Return to Infinite Flight Global: Inverness-London Heathrow

Today, I returned to Infinite Flight Global after about a month and a half break from flying.

Since I am needing to use my IPad (which is my primary IF device) this summer for other things, I decided to whip out my IPhone 6 (which has my secondary IF account on) I would have logged in with my primary account but I forgot my login :) so I decided to stick with my secondary account which has around about 600 hours on it.

First, I needed to get my Grade up since it was on Grade 2 and I wanted Grade 3. So I decided to do a flight from Inverness to London Heathrow on board a BA A319 with callsign Shuttle 1467.

At Gate B04 at Inverness Airport (EGPE)

20kt crosswind takeoff off RWY23 (Thanks Wind Aloft Connection Issues)

Cruising at 33000ft (FL330) over the Lake District.

Descent towards London Heathrow

Touchdown w/ 17kt crosswind (Thanks Wind Aloft Connection Issues)

Flight Time: 1hr 4mins
Cruise: 33000ft
Flight Number: SHT1467
Aircraft: BA A319-100


Great pictures mate.

Thanks! Took a while to takeoff (thanks wind)

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Great pictures man! Keep them up ;)

If you flew on solo mode, the winds don’t change, you have to change them yourself.

Erm…I didn’t I flew on Training Server - Solo mode doesn’t contribute to your grade or anything.

I’m coming too, to return, because I’m on Final Exams, to decide my future. So along next week I’ll start flying, another time!
Amazing compilation, looks beautiful!

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