My Return to IF: A Compilation

Hello everyone! It’s been about a year and a half since I made one of these so let’s see how this goes lmao. In around December I started flying a lot again, joined two VA’s etc, etc. All that fun stuff. And seeing as I take way too many screenshots without any reason, I figured I’d post them here! Enjoy, happy flying.

Air New Zealand NZAA-KLAX

Swiss International A330-300 LSZH-KSFO

Same plane, goin to Newark this time (I feel sorry for everyone on this plane)

Azul SBGL-LPPR (I was going to Heathrow but ran out of fuel. In my defense I can’t do math 🤡)

Air Asia X from Bangkok to Phuket, nothing much to say here.

Cosplaying as ground staff in Gibraltar

Somewhere in Europe idk… pretty clouds tho

Super duper cool codeshare flight with EZYVA from LFBO-NZCH, 23.5 soul numbing hours with 2 sunrises. got a cool picture for my wallpaper though so it was all worth it 😎

The flying toothpaste tube (distant relative of air canada’s old livery)

One of my absolute favorite shots of all time, Korean Air 748 from Atlanta to Seoul. Return flight from the previous picture

That’s all, thank you very much. Wishing everyone a happy weekend. Safe travels



Awesome pictures and welcome back!

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