My return flight to Dublin from Heathrow!

This is my first ever post on the community so if i made any mistakes please tell me!!
Airline: Aerlingus
Total Duration: 2h09
Take-off time (EGLL)-17:51
Landing time (EIDW)-18:46
Take-off time (EIDW)-18:57
Landing time (EGLL)-19:45
EGLL gate: Terminal 2A Gate 224
EIDW gate: Terminal 2 Gate 408L

At the gate in Heathrow

Take-off at Heathrow with @Mathurin_Garcier in an a380 behind.

Landing on R16 at Dublin

At the gate in Dublin

Take-off from Dublin

Landing on r27L back in heathrow with @Noach in a 787 in the background

Enjoy the pictures!


First things first, welcome to the community forum! If you ever need ATC for an event in the future please let me know. And i love the pictures, I don’t see many Aer Lingus’ so that’s nice to see for sure.


Thanks man! Really appreciate it:) I’ll definitely let you know if I need ATC. Thanks again man for the warm welcome to the forum!


You’re welcome!

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I know this sounds weird but mmmm tasty.

they’re good pictures lol


Haha thanks man!

Wow so that was you taking off! And great pictures here! 🔥🔥🔥

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Good pictures!

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Haha yep! Where were you flying off to?
Thanks man!

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Thanks man!

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BA281 to LAX!

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That’s a really good flight! I actually was on that flight irl!

Wow, I’d love to fly the A380!

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