My retired collection

I hadn’t really given much thought to this previously, but I just realized that most of the model aircraft I have don’t actually exist in real life anymore.


Here’s a picture of all of my “retired fleet” of mode planes. On the left, we have the Virgin Atlantic A340-600, which was retired earlier this year.

Next, we have the Continental Airlines 757-200, which hasn’t flown since 2010, as United bought them out.

Third, we have the Northwest Airlines A330-300, which hasn’t flown since 2009 when Delta bought them. (Has it really been eleven years since NW went?!!?!)

Then, we have the Aerolíneas Argentinas A340-300, which, like Virgin’s A340, was also retired earlier this year.

And finally, we have the KLM MD-11, which was retired in 2014.

I was lucky enough to fly the Continental, Northwest, and KLM planes displayed here, but didn’t get a chance to experience the others.

I just thought it was interesting how fast things change. To me it seems like NW and Continental just got bought out recently, but when I actually think about it, it’s now been more than a decade.


Oh wow, those are cool. The only retired one I have is the Sun Country DC-10

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I have a 737 MAX 8 model, which is somewhat retired if you think about it… 🤔


What was the MD-11 like?

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I don’t remember much because it was a long time ago, but if you’ve ever flown KLM’s 747 or old A330 interior, it was like that. But we got lucky and it was a pretty empty flight, so we got to lie down in the middle section at the rear.

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Kinda, unless airlines take deliveries

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All the model planes I have are retired (Alaska MD-82 and Trans Caribbean 727 to name a few). Those are some cool models you have there @Northwest, I love the MD-11!

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