My report of Fly around the world 〜 in Oceania 〜

Flying around the world!
I decided to fly all over the world. Started from Narita International Airport.
At Oceania, I flew at Guam, Papua New Guinea, Brisbane and Auckland.

1. RJAA → PGUM = Flight time 03:15 = [ Expert Server ] A318-100
11:51 Zulu Time

Goodbye Tokyo!!
The cruise was so smooth and calm with flying at 37,000ft.

THAT WAS NOT BUTTER AT ALL and welcome to Guam!

2. PGUM - AYPY = Flight time 02:54 = [ Expert Server ] Citation X
14:56 Zulu Time

Goodbye Guam and I’m coming Papua New Guinea!
Due to the typhoon near Guam, that was super shaky flight ✈️

Cross wind landing…! BUTTER CONFIRMED
Such a reliable aircraft!

3. AYPY - YBBN = Flight Time 2:28 = [ Expert Server ] Citation X
2:40 Zulu Time

Takeoff!! Goodbye Papua New Guinea!

beautiful flight at 39,000ft. Butter landing and arrived! Brisbane

4. YBBN - NZAA = Flight Time 3:46 = [ Expert Server ] B737-800
06:46 Zulu Time

I flew with Qantas B737. Such a beautiful aircraft and color.

Flying at 33,000ft. Delayed a bit but I could see a nice sunset!

Landed at Auckland!

Oceania was just fun! A lot of islands and Australia was especially beautiful.
I am going to fly to Bangkok and enter Asia in a few days. I am excited to see! 😄✈️



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Ok I’m going to reduce them!

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