My replay said that someone got ghosted on the TS.

Hello Community. Today I was doing a flight. And after when I checked me replay. to check my takeoff and landing. it said someone got ghosted.

But the person is that visible Air Berlin. Also the controller said bla bla bla will be enforced by ghosting. @Tyler_Shelton , what happend today at EGLL on the TS. 🤔🤔🤔. Thanks.

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This is a known bug and no one actually got ghosted

Huh? Not entirely sure what you’re referring to.


That’s strange, there are a few users that do have the ability to ghost as pilots, or maybe IFATC was controlling on TS when they’re not allowed to?

Many threads were made about this and as @schyllberg rightfully corrected me, getting too many violations can cause a temporary report/ghost then instantly transfers to a violation when you return to the menu.

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I believe this happens in replays when someone presses the “report” button

Ah ok that’s probably why

Someone took a demo iPAD from the infinite flight crew lol.(The demos iPads have the ability to ghost people on TS I found that out at EXPO)

A while ago, there was a topic where you said it was a bug.

Also this is on the bottom of the Broadcast messages. It can be used on TS but doesn’t really matter

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I don’t believe i have. I know what happened in this case though. It was a legitimate report. Some things are ghostable even on TS, if there’s someone around to do it ;)


Waitttt what? I never knew this…

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I was atc training on TS and a guy with an inappropriate callsign kept trolling me and I got him either kicked or banned from infinite flight well his account is gone.


Controllers on TS can say that for some reason, even though they can’t actually ghost


Remember to behave regardless of server :)