My Remodeled Scratch Built RC Plane

So I comeback with my scratch built rc Plane.

So on this one I have shortened the length a bit but increased height.

The plane is set to fly today (hopefully). I Believe it can fly, I believe it could touch the sky.
Some problems I do have.

  • The rudder doesn’t work
  • I need a y cable to connect the two ailerons
  • It is heavy

I used lots of electrical tape to hold small components together.

I thank the people of this community and also other resources that I used to come to this point. It may not fly but at least I tried. Also tomorrow going to be traveling to Africa so my plane has only one day before it’s left for 2 weeks. This whole project made me think about the process, design and though (and money) that goes into making aircraft. This project was thought about late 2016 and is almost complete mid 2017 (time goes by fast). Like said before the whole thing is like Boeing Making a new aircraft. But at times it will fail like the 747. But they persisted and still made the 747 and the lithium battery (like the one I’m using) of the 787 caught fire. They fixed it and the 787s were back in the air. Lastly, On the wing I will write some peoples names down on it. It’s just a thing I want to do for a thanks and/or good-luck that people might have (if that made sense). Thanks to the people that helped and reassured me. And thanks to the community as a whole.


Wow that’s great buddy! I have always wanted to make an RC model myself but could never even have that much guts and effort to do it and also the money indeed. I seriously wanna congratulate you on this big achievement of yours. I seriously love it. Good luck for the first flight and takeoff also record it and do the timelapse video about this one if possible!
Good luck mate ☺️😄😃

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Really neat! Good luck on it working!

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