My Recording Equipment/Camera(s) for Youtube Vidoes

Good Evening IFC, Today I would like to go over what I use to record video and audio when im flying. All cameras are set before the engine is started and before the walk around.

So without further delay the list is as follows:

I also use a 16 gig SD card as well as a 32 gig sd card when im recording.
Fill free to post questions below


I just use an Iphone and by hands…


Awesome gear man! Hope you make some Nice videos!

thanks! i already make videos flying but i think there average nothing special

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lol. cant really do that if your flying and busy. this is all hands free so i dont have to touch it at all in flight

I haven’t seen any of your videos personally, but are any of your cameras external to the aircraft? And if so how often are you looking out at them? I know I would be looking back and forth constantly…

Ill subscribe do you have a YouTube channel?

nope no cameras on the outside. i dont own the airplane

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Sure. this is to one of your videos!

I appreciate it as well

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Oh, makes sense. That would scare the 💩 out of me to have them just stuck to the outside in 100mph winds…

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lol yah. its just something i dont want to do. i like my cameras so there staying inside for now

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Admittedly it was hand held, but still this would be the only thing I could think about. Eaven more crazy on the fall it is spinning so fast it matches, then exceeds the frame rate! So it was spinning 30-60x per second, and at least as far as the video goes was fine! I fell a lot better about taking my GoPro sleeding now… 😂


I never use any cameras when I fly. My dad or uncle usually chill in the back seat and take care of all the photography

These aren’t moved during flying.! I posted this so others know what I use to record audio and video with when I’m flying.

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Oh wait you’re a pilot that’s cool man… gonna check your channel out lmao whoops

Yepp I am. Thanks I appreciate it.

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