My Recent Spotting Pics

Some recent snaps from in game , hope you like.

FNF WSSS (Group departure WSSS-WBSB/Expert/SQ777/787/A380/0600zulu/#Tails)

FNF EGLL (Group departure -Destination YPPH/Expert/QF787/1000zulu/2-8-19/#Tails)

AU/NZ Infinite Flight members meeting up @ YSCS-YBTL to conduct recreational formation/short hops/Expert/Aircraft of choice 737/A321/1600AEST

FNF YPPH-EGLL QF9/Expert/Retrun Trip/2-8-19/#FNF Providing great photo opportunities

YMML-YSSY /VA737/Flights in company/Landing 34L/Expert

YPAD Depatures in company/Destination YMML/VA737/Expert/#Tails

Thai 777-200ER/VTBS-VTCC/Expert/IFGA members Departing

Formation rendezvous/F14 Tomcatters VFA103/ Meeting up over Rottnest Island Perth, Western Australia/Expert/#Military Aircraft

EK777-300 Departing CYYZ-OMDB/Expert/AA 777 taxi for Departure/5-8-19/Runway 33R

FNF WSSS/Expert/SQ777-300 on Approach Runway 20R/Heavy Traffic lining up to land Changi International


I love those edits! So amazing!!!


Amazing, just amazing! What nice shots!

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Those Singapore Airlines and F-14 Tomcat pics look really amazing. Can’t wait till the Singapore Airlines fleet in IF has the A350!

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YES, How good will it be A350 drools…

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Man da one time I miss a FNF

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Wow!!! These are the best photos I’ve seen on IFC yet and the reasoning is that yes they aren’t crazy edited and stuff like you see others do. But the context for these was so well portrayed through all of you pictures and their sense of community. Great job!!!

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Thanks very much , means a lot !

I try my best to be a little different 🤗

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Awesome picts

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Beautiful photos!

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