My Recent Photo Edits #4

My Recent Photo Edits #4

Departing Dubai to Singapore, alongside anther pilot headed to Amsterdam

Last weeks Australia Day FNF

At Sydney, headed for Dubai, @Tnel headed to Melbourne in VA 737-800

SANDWICH 140nm out of Sydney 😉

Fellow AKCens, @Thomas, @Kacey, @Connor, @QantasAviator, @Matthew, @Aviator_Airbus and a few more, I have come to accept the fact that Best IF Photos is gone 😪


Wow! I really love these pics! Keep up the great work dude.

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Beautiful and great photos! Keep them coming!

Bring back Best IF Photos!


Well bro, I have come to accept that Best IF Photos is no longer more, we must all move on, for those who don’t, so be it…

@MishaCamp, I have returned from the dark side 🙏 😉


Amazing as always @Mavic!

However, I’m not sure that I was the Virgin Australia 737. Did you take your photo at this event?

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Sorry bro, yeah it was at that event, but can’t remember wether it was you or @Tnel

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It definitely wasn’t me. My device was getting repaired.

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Must of been him then, even though on the event it says he was in a DHL plane, thanks for pointing that out dude 🤙

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Pretty sure it was me, and I was heading to Melbourne

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