My real life summer flight with TAP event by IFLG @ EHAM - 051900ZAPR17

on wednesday i want to fly tap with you guys since i gonna fly with them in the summer we wil fly around in amsterdam and land again at EHAM copy FPL
RULES respect the others pilots takeoff after the others wait until the its your turn and take off quicly on landing have a good space betwen the other plane on landing

REGION amsterdam
CALLSIGN your personal Number but you have to have the TAP callsign
AIRPORT Amsterdam schipol EHAM
SERVER casual server
TIME BST 18:00 TO 20;00
PARKINGS will be given on a grop chat in messenger or coment here on the forum an i will give you a parking


Events like this should go into the #live:events category, it should follow the guidelines also. Just being lazy and letting others do the title job will not get you anywhere in life.


It’s two pm in Houston

That’s the time Google sent me

Call sign is tam 777 300 heavy

Can I have parking and play with you in this event

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The event ITS 06:00 London time

Parking a35 for your plane

You guys know that there is literally a month until this event.

Please put this in a proper format man.

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