My quickest spotting session yet @KATL

Hi everyone! Yesterday I ran to the airport for 35 minutes to catch a very special visitor but actually ended up catching quite a bit! Today’s photos are a United A319, Virgin Atlantic 787, Southwest ‘New Mexico One’ livery, an Alaska 737, and the special visitor!

Hope you enjoyed! As always, these photos are mine and you must contact me for use permissions! If you like the photos you see, consider following me on Instagram @jackson.aviation


Really nice shots mate!


good looking shots C: Love the Star Wars United the best C:

that would look slick on IF but copyright is annoying


j e t p h o t o s

I love your pictures, very beautiful.

Alaska 737 is my favorite.

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Ey I just saw New Mexico one at my home airport a few days ago. Nice pictures!

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35 mins but loads of awesome shots!


wait so we just aren’t gonna talk about how Jackson and @DeltaCs100 spotted on the same day :d

small world! except… its like… not

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ nice pictures

We sorta coordinated


Yeah we were in contact the whole time and we saw each other there


my guess is that this is from ewr?

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Nice colors on the sixth one. Also, little editing tip, I’ll suggest you use the “remove chromatic aberration” function to remove the purple outline on the last one

Yes it is!

I actually tried that but it didn’t work, I’ll have to try it again

Haha! I caught the same one back in July! :D

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Nice! It was my first time seeing the new livery so i was very excited

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