My quest to control in every country/territory of the world! (Continued)

In response to my my previous thread, I received a lot of support for the idea and inspired others to complete similar challenges. Unfortunately, after making a lot of progress with the challenge, I became quite busy with other aspects of life and no longer was actively working towards completing my challenge. However, I today have decided to continue my challenge where I left off!

Incase you are unaware, from my previous thread:

The plan

I recently had an idea come to mind. I will be attempting to control an airport in every country of the world. As I work to complete this huge task, I will be tracking my progress here with the map below, as well as updating you all with new posts as I go! I also want to provide a fact about the country to encourage others to come to try a flight in the area!

Note: Most major territories/autonomous regions will be controlled separately from their mother country, but this will always be noted for informational purposes.

Why am I doing this?

Good question. It all started at 11 PM on a Friday night, and like all ideas created at 11 PM on a Friday night, I will probably live to regret this.
More seriously, though–I want to experience the diversity of what every country of the world has to offer. This will not be an easy task but I’ll certainly try my best!

Here is the most recent progress report from the previous thread:


Quests don’t start at 11pm now, do they?

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  1. Don’t associate me with Columbus, LOL
  2. How does this even relate to anything to do with 11 pm? 😂
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Apologies, my dear friend.

You mentioned you were beginning a quest. Therefore, I checked when quests typically begin at. You mentioned 11pm, and I checked some other individuals who began quests, and they were at different times. I mean, Indiana Jones didn’t start his quest for the Holy Grail until what looks like dark. He probably had an idea as well.

In all seriousness though, I am glad to see you are bringing back your quest! Can’t wait to see these beautiful countries around the world. I would personally recommend Sardinia, Italy.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the good luck wish! I never said that all ideas for quests are created at 11 PM haha, just that most ideas that are created at 11 PM on Friday nights are bad ones.

6/10/22 - Cuba

Airport: MUHA

Did you know? Cuba’s coastline stretches over 3500 miles and is home to around 200 bays and 250 beaches. (Source)

Current Progress:

Welcome back Cole! Hope you enjoyed your break (if you had one lol). Enjoy the rest of your trips to the remaining countries 🙂.

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6/11/22 - Paraguay

Airport: SGAS

Did you know? Paraguay has the largest navy out of any landlocked country.

Current Progress:

6/14/22 - Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha

Airport: FHAW

Did you know?Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha is a British Overseas Territory. It is in the South Atlantic Ocean and is made up of the island of Saint Helena, Ascension Island and the island group called Tristan da Cunha. In total, there are eight islands and the main is St Helena with a total area for the territory of 308 square kilometers”

Current Progress:

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6/14/22 - Equatorial Guinea

Airport: FGSL

Did you know? The current capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo, located in the Bioko Norte province on the island of Bioko, not the mainland.

Current Progress:

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6/15/22 - Qatar

Airport: OTHH

Did you know? Qatar is the 2nd flattest country in the world!

Current Progress:

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6/16/22 - Ethiopia

Airport: HAAB

Did you know? Ethiopia is home to the lowest place on the African continent and the hottest place on Earth, the Danakil Depression.

Current Progress:

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6/17/22 - Ecuador

Airport: SEQM

Did you know? The equator runs through Ecuador! (duh…)

Current Progress:

6/17/22 - Trinidad and Tobago

Airport: TTCP

Did you know? Pitch Lake is the world’s largest natural deposit of asphalt, containing nearly 10 million tons.

Current Progress:

7/25/22 - Panama

Airport: MPTO

Did you know? Panama was the first Latin American country to adopt the US dollar as its currency.

Current Progress:


9/4/22 - Falkland Islands

Airport: EGYP

Did you know? There is a population of 2,932; 2502 of which live in Stanley

Current Progress:

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10/20/22 - Montenegro

Airport: LYTV

Did you know? Tara Canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe.

Current Progress:


12/8/22 - Sri Lanka

Airport: VCBI

Did you know? With more than 100 waterfalls, the majority of Sri Lanka’s electricity is supplied through hydropower plants that utilize the energy created by these waterfalls.

Current Progress:

im kinda alive i think not sure tbh but will probably control more soon


1/1/23 - El Salvador

Airport: MSLP

Did you know? With more than 100 volcanoes, El Salvador is known as the Land of Volcanoes.

Current Progress:


1/3/23 - Marshall Islands

Airport: PKWA

Did you know? The Marshall Islands are the youngest atoll nation, independent since just 1986.

Current Progress (good luck finding it on this map):